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Wi6labs joins the E’nergys ecosystem!

17 juin 2019

They come from Rennes Britanny and describe themselves as the « plumbers of the IOT ». They are complementing the value chain within the digital pole of E’nergys, welcome to Wi6labs!

Created in 2014, Wi6labs deploys first Internet of Things (IoT) wireless network in 2016.
Wi6labs develops and offers a LoRaWAN ™ private cloud solution. This solution is deployed and marketed to cities and industrial customers under the name Wiotys.
Wiotys is a cloud based platform for deploying, monitoring and maintaining a Wireless sensors network based on LoRaWAN ™ technology.
Wi6labs offers its expertise via two offers:
• The deployment and operation of IoT wireless networks
• Services on the IoT value chain
Thanks to the wireless and telecom expertise of Wi6labs network and sensors, E’nergys now masters all IoT components to offer a digital approach to energy performance offers.
Vincent Brunetta, Chief Digital Officer of Socomec & E’nergys and now a member of the Wi6labs Board of Directors, is delighted:
« Wi6labs has developed a core network, called Wiotys, to enable businesses and communities to build their own private, self-contained data collection network. In addition, most competing technologies generally only carry raw technical data without interpreting them functionally, which requires a lot of sorting and interpretation. Wiotys delivers decoded, time-stamped and geo-localized data that can be easily exploited by third party systems and without any necessary cabling, which is of major interest in deployment operations, especially when the measurement points are isolated.  »
In addition to bringing its expertise to the ecosystem E’nergys, Wi6labs will continue to develop applications with IOT technologies as entrusted Ulrich Rousseau, General manager of Wi6labs: « The concept of ecosystem is consistent because it offers a long value chain to the customer, while allow each of us to stay focused on his core expertise. From the first exchanges, we identified that the group would bring us the credibility, the guarantees and the financial solidity essential to the adoption of our technologies.  »
Vincent Brunetta completes: « The synergies were obvious we share the same values ​​and the leaders of Wi6labs – Ulrich Rousseau, Jérémy Ardouin and Ludovic Charpentier – are entrepreneurs who are invested, autonomous and open to ecosystems.  »
About Wi6labs:
Wi6Labs is a company specializing in new technologies of the Internet of Things. Created in 2014 it currently has 13 people. A member of the LoRA alliance since 2015, Wi6Labs specializes in the deployment, operation and maintenance of private wireless, low-consumption and long-range networks. Wii6labs operates in the city, industry and its customers to improve their processes and create new services.
About E’nergys:
A major national player in the energy transition, E’nergys offers an innovative and differentiating business model to all industries, businesses and communities that wish to respond to the challenges posed by sustainable development.
With a panel of unparalleled know-how, the group designs, deploys and maintains turnkey energy performance and water cycle optimization solutions integrating digital and financing.
With a turnover of 45 million euros and 280 employees in 20 agencies in France and overseas territories, E’nergys combines the robustness of a centuries-old family company with the responsiveness and proximity of SMEs.
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Full press release
Contact: Rousseau Ulrich
Phone: 0299639085
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