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Quebec and Brittany are moving collaboratively toward education and research in osteopathy

15 février 2021

The Institut d’Enseignement de l’Ostéopathie du Québec (IEOQ) and the Institut d’Ostéopathie de Rennes-Bretagne (IO-RB)
have concluded a partnership agreement for an International Mobility Program for osteopathy students in the fields of
education and research.

The development of common pedagogical contents, the development of a student mobility program,
the elaboration of collaborative research projects and the achievement of a double diploma are targeted by this international
program. The partnership between the two schools will be concretized with a co-organized conference in April 21, 2021 during
the International Osteopathy Week.
A double diploma to promote the recognition of the profession in Quebec and facilitate the establishment of French osteopaths abroad :
The development of an international program for osteopathy students will allow them to obtain the diploma of the partner institute,
through a VAE (Validation of Acquired Experience) process, in accordance with the decree of December 2014 regulating osteopathy
training in France.The challenge is twofold : to facilitate the installation of French osteopaths in Quebec – a region well known for its
living environment – and to accredit the profession in a country where osteopathy is on the road to being recognized. The objective is
also to promote collaborations with teachers and researchers working in partner institutes for the development of osteopathic research.
« This partnership between our two French-speaking regions is part of a political process with the common effort to accredit the
profession in the medical and scientific environment » [Marylène Bourgin, osteopath and executive manager of the IO-RB]. The IEOQ,
founded in 1995, benefits from a very strong experience in the field of osteopathic education. The IO-RB, founded in 2010, has reached
a level of excellence in only 10 years thanks to the recognition of the profession in France.
Promote the exchange of knowledge through stays for clinical practice :
The exchanges between the two countries will take the form of short stays during which the students will practice osteopathic care in
the schools’ respective consultation centers. Digital technology will be used for theoretical contributions. A conference co-organized
by the two schools during the international week of osteopathy will constitute a founding act: « This will be an opportunity to formalize
the partnership through a joint action combining education and research, including the presentation of work done in the framework of
students’ final dissertations [Thomas Gautier, osteopath and executive manager of the IEOQ].
For the students, this international mobility program between IEOQ and IO-RB is an opportunity to develop new skills, to open up to
new learning experiences, to discover another culture, to build a future network and to gain international experience in osteopathy. For
the institutes and their teachers, the objective is to acquire new pedagogical orientations, to share good teaching practices and to
strengthen their professional practice.
The Institut d’Ostéopathie de Rennes-Bretagne (IO-RB) is the only post-baccalaureate osteopathy school in Brittany. It is located on the
University Campus of Ker-lann in Bruz. It trains osteopaths following a five-year course of excellence, based on 6 strong values: rigor
and rigorousness, integrity and honesty, humility and benevolence. The activity of the IO-RB contributes to the influence of Brittany
on a national and international level: the school realizes 46% of its turnover with candidates from outside Brittany. Through its
Research Unit in Osteopathy and its international pole, the IO-RB participates in numerous research projects by collaborating, based
on scientific and professional publications, with researchers working in numerous international research structures (Haute Ecole de
Santé de Fribourg – Switzerland, Fondation COME Collaboration – Italy, University College of Osteopathy – England, etc.). The IORB also provides each year to its final-year students an internship in the rehabilitation department of the Mother and Child Public Hospital of Da Nang in Vietnam.
Founded in 1995 in Montreal, the Institut d’Enseignement de l’Ostéopathie du Québec
(IEOQ) is one of the pioneers of osteopathic education in Quebec. Its program is
recognized by the main provincial professional associations, Osteopathy Quebec and
Ritma, and complies with the recommendations of the World Health Organization
(WHO). Academic excellence, clinical practice and the international recognition are at the heart of the school’s project. In this desire to open up abroad, IEOQ has signed a collaboration agreement with the Institut d’Ostéopathie de Rennes-Bretagne (France). For more information, visit the website:

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