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Open de l’International 2019: the international business partnering forum where Breton tech comes together!

29 août 2019

Open de l’international, the key event for Breton entrepreneurs daring the world took place in Brest on Monday, 1st July. This year, over 1000 people attended and 1000 B2B meetings were held. Breton tech entrepreneurs were also in attendance. Here’s our recap on the day!
The 7th Open de l’International, held by Bretagne Commerce International (BCI) was a rewarding day for Breton entrepreneurs wanting to open up to international business. A total of 50 countries were represented and this year, Germany had pride of place as a guest country. As in previous years, the event offered a programme of workshops, conferences and individual meetings with around a hundred partners from all over the world. New for 2019: sessions where Breton entrepreneurs shared their experiences, in addition to the usual workshops and a panel discussion on geopolitics.
Nicolas Plantis, digital and cyber defence business development manager at BCI, explains: “This year, numerous discussions about best practices together with feedback about people’s experiences highlighted some interesting issues for digital companies in the Western France. Breton entrepreneurs contributed to the feedback sessions to share their business success but also the difficulties they face. They were split across 5 continents: How? Which countries? Why? With whom? By what means? Who better than an entrepreneur for sharing advice and experience with you? Best practices were covered in a smaller format of round table discussions, offering a unique opportunity for sharing experiences. Numerous industry-wide issues were tackled, such as how to recover outstanding debts, how to change a business partner or how to protect your intellectual property.

Breton tech targets international business

Open de l’International is an intense day of meetings, and the Quartz cultural centre in Brest was teeming with participants hurrying to conferences or to their B2B appointments. A lounge area was provided for impromptu business meetings. We managed to meet up with a few entrepreneurs.
Arnault Lannuzel from the Rennes SME Broadpeak, which manufactures video delivery components, gave feedback on his experience of selling to telecoms operators in Latin America. Sébastien Grot from Sensup: “This is my first time at the Open de l’International and I’m here today because I’m seeking to develop my network. I’d like to find international sales intermediaries, in particular. We spend today sowing in order to reap the benefits later.” Justin and Simon Lagadec from Make the Grade: “There’s really so much energy throughout the day; we had some great meetings this morning which are opening up business prospects and a new customer base for us in the coming months. It’s also the opportunity to talk to potential partners as it’s not only customers you find at the Open.
The Acceis, Acsystème, CL Corporation, InPixal, Inscoper, Mobinergy, SecureIC and Yagaan companies also attended the event. “The more Breton tech companies actually make the Open their own, the more relevant the event’s contents will become! If companies are ready to give their own account and talk about a subject related to international business, they can contact me as of now regarding the 2020 Open!” says Nicolas Plantis.
Next year’s event will take place on 6th July 2020. Meanwhile, you’ll find the 2019 workshop presentations ready to download here.
Contact: Nicolas Plantis, n.plantis [at]

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