In Person and Pixels: TalkTalkBnB

A nasty rumor has been going around about how bad the French are in foreign languages. But TalkTalkBnB doesn’t think it has to be that way!

To learn and, above all, maintain a foreign language, you need to practice and talk with native speakers. The TalkTalkBnB platform brings together travellers from around the world and people willing to host them. In exchange, they are provided a unique opportunity to brush up on their language skills!

Who’s Behind TalkTalkBnB?

A team of seven people: the founder, Hubert Laurent, his French assistant, a French CM, a New Yorker, a Londoner, a Pole, a German, two Italians…! The site is designed and developed at Net Hélium within the local French Tech area ! 

Ideas are good, but how do you make them reality?

The idea for TalkTalkBnB dates back a year ago. During the summer of 2015, we discussed how we would present our platform, and in September, we started building the site. TalkTalkBnB went online on March 1, 2016, in three languages.

Before launching the site, we conducted a market study in the field, talking to people in the street. We talked only to foreigners in Bordeaux, because we come from Lorient. We got great feedback: “we need to meet native speakers to practice the language, that’s exactly what we need”. French people are already looking for this through courses, conversation groups, etc. With TalkTalkBnB, they move to the next level in terms of openness and experience!

Tell us a bit about your business model.

It’s pretty confidential and will be set up once we have enough people signed up. To be continued

What’s in store for TalkTalkBnB in 2016?

Our goal for this year is to make ourselves known and engage the English-speaking community, where there’s less of a need to learn a foreign language. Not knowing another language isn’t a career blocker, for example. But we already have great offers for French people wanting to travel.

We’re going to continue improving the site’s functions, add new languages, open new countries and continue working internationally. There’s lots to do, but that’s normal after just a month and a half.

To grow, we’re open to partners and investors. We know that Brittany can offer plenty of synergies. Any takers?