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French Tech Capital: a new step towards international development

04 avril 2019

Rennes and Saint-Malo have been awarded the “French Tech Capital” label. Four years after the first label, our ecosystem is perfectly structured to accompany its little gems on the path to development and international markets.
In November 2014, Rennes Saint-Malo was awarded the recently created “French Tech” label. On the 3rd of April 2019, Cédric O, the French Minister for the Digital Economy and Kat Borlongan, Director of La French Tech announced the new label for our territory at a time when French Tech is launching a second phase of support for startups and scaleups and the international promotion of French-style “tech” culture. “We are very happy that the territory has been awarded the ‘French Tech Capital’ label, declares Jérôme Tré-Hardy, Chairman of Le Poool (the association that bears the label locally). For many years, the heart of our territory has beaten to the rhythm of technology and the area is a French ecosystem with great vitality that is particularly appreciated by young developing businesses. Therefore, this label is a consecration for us and for all the stakeholders in our community”.

High density of tech actors

Among the arguments that made a difference, it should be pointed out that in the region of Rennes there is a very strong dynamic around 250 startups and scaleups, the possibility of benefitting from a dense network of business accelerators from the public and private sectors, 12 national “Pass French Tech” champions over the past few months (Advalo, Bemove, Bretagne Telecom, Cailabs, Dolmen, Energiency, Famileo, Hoppen, Klaxoon, Mediaveille, Secure IC and Steeple), some major groups (Capgemini, EDF, JCDecaux, Orange, PWC…) that know how to invest in order to help with the quick and effective development of startups and – one of the main character traits of the territory – a network of schools, universities and research laboratories that is unique in France which works closely with the economic world. “When applying, we received 103 letters of support from committed stakeholders in the territory and the local authorities that fund us continue to repeat the complete confidence they have in our action, explains Jérôme Tré-Hardy. Today, I want to thank them personally for the sincerity of their support and the permanence of their commitment alongside Le Poool. This label will help us to increase the impact of our actions as much on a local level as on an international level!”.

Pioneering spirit

At the root of this local affiliation to the French Tech label, Rennes Métropole is happy that the territory continues to be seen as a national reference in the field of innovative entrepreneurship. “We are in line with the innovative and pioneering spirit conveyed by this label since its creation, confirms Gaëlle Andro, 1st Vice-President of Rennes Métropole in charge of economic development, employment and finance. The ‘deep tech’ colour of this new French Tech and the more social and environmental approach embodied by the “tech for good” dimension, also corresponds to our vision of development for the territory”.

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