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Startups from Brittany land to Vegas again

10 janvier 2019

The world’s largest electronics event, CES (the Consumer Electronics Show), started on Tuesday in Las Vegas. This year again, many local startups exhibit at the convention center. More than 180,000 visitors are expected for this 52nd edition – a real opportunity for local startups to develop their international reputation.
A showcase of the latest technologies, CES Las Vegas is a great opportunity for tech companies to present their innovations and make themselves known internationally. 17 startups from Brittany are present in Las Vegas this week: Acklio, DC Brain, Dilepix, Drone Act, Efelya, eSoftThings, Farsight, Immersive Therapy, Keopass, Klaxoon, Mobility Green Tech, Moovency, Neurocort Technologies, Quortex, Wi6Labs , Wizama and Yogoko.

Live from Las Vegas

In the Las Vegas Convention Center, the startups are putting on a show. « France is very well present here in Eureka Park. It’s impressive » says Kimmo Vuorinen, founder of the startup eSoftThings. This innovative company from Rennes which specializes in smart devices and autonomous vehicles has already participated in the event, but this year, for the first time, they have their own stand with their partner Total. « Participating in CES enables us to showcase our innovative solutions for smart devices and autonomous vehicles. CES has also always been a unique opportunity for us to interact with our customers and partners from all over the world!  » explains Kimmo Vuorinen.
The startup Wizama, which is developing SquareOne, the first digital board game, is participating for the first time at CES. CEO Franck Botta explains: « at Wizama we work on innovative consumer goods. CES being the world’s largest exhibition of electronics in terms of visibility, it is a “must” event for us. Our goal here is to give exposure to our company, be visible at an international level, build partnerships and identify potential funders« .

One of the major moments of CES is the announcement of the Innovation Awards. Wizama is among the lucky winners. « This is great news! » cheers Franck Botta. « It’s all the work we’ve done during the last two years that allowed us to get this award. This proves that Wizama’s solution interests the public. Thanks to this award we will be recognized internationally. « 

Some trends of 2019

So, what’s new at CES in 2019? Stanislas Hintzy, the general manager of French Tech in Rennes and Saint-Malo explains: « this year, artificial intelligence is absolutely everywhere. We see these innovations in all sectors, for example in the area of ​​autonomous vehicles, which is another major trend this year. We do not only talk about cars, but also flying taxis, autonomous trucks, deliveries, tractors and agricultural machines without drivers …  In past years, there was still the question: are autonomous vehicles the future? This year it is not if – but when – will they arrive and how. « 
This year, the CES will also be an opportunity to reflect on the major global challenges. « 2019 is a year of perspective, » says Stanislas Hintzy. « We talk a lot about social diversity in startups. The diversity of talents is one of the issues on which we must continue to be vigilant. Another trend this year is the application of technology to the improvement of life on this planet. Climate change, challenges with food and drinking, renewable energy, cybersecurity, deployment of smart cities, or even ‘resilient cities’ … It is as if the participants of the CES had realized the huge challenges for our planet, but they also have confidence in the ability of technologies to solve them. « 

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