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#BretagneCES2020: startups from Brittany in Las Vegas

27 janvier 2020

Since 1967, the mythical city of Las Vegas has played host each year to the Consumer Electronics Show – a.k.a. CES. In January 2020, the largest show in the world devoted to technological innovation in electronics opened its doors to celebrate its 53rd anniversary. Last year, 4,400 innovative companies from 150 countries exhibited their products there and 365 of them had travelled there from France, including 17 Breton companies. In 2020, Brittany was again in force in Las Vegas with many innovative businesses accompanied by BCI and La French Tech Rennes St Malo. Here’s the list of Breton tech companies who were at CES 2020:
AMA is a regular at CES. This year again, it presented its assisted reality solutions with its XpertEye™ range. These remote interactive collaboration solutions help companies improve their productivity, maximise their availability, and reduce their intervention time. AMA has already deployed XpertEye™ in more than 80 countries and covers a wide range of applications such as remote diagnosis, inspection, and the planning and management of workflows.
The Bystamp team crossed the Atlantic to make its digital authentication technology known to as many people as possible. Their solution is based on the Keymo « Bystamp Powered » stamp, which uses the gestures of the traditional ink pad. The goal of this trip will also be to find publishers who wish to adopt this new UX in dematerialized applications and procedures and to find partners to raise this technology to the rank of standard. Keymo is a multi-factor electronic stamp that can be used to authenticate a legal or natural person on any type of mobile terminal (smarphone or tablet), even without a network connection. It offers excellent traceability both on the mobile terminal and on the buffer side because it stores a stamping receipt, which is then secured in a blockchain. Thanks to its integrated electronic certificate, Keymo also allows the signing of any type of file (pdf, image, photo, etc.).
Dilepix exhibited last year for the first time at CES with Le Village by CA and met companies from around the world (agricultural cooperatives, agricultural equipment suppliers, insurance, etc.). This year, the company wanted to turn these prospects into customers by showing them its regular presence abroad. Dilepix is ​​developing a cloud platform that automates the visual monitoring of crops and livestock. Farmers receive intelligent alerts based on the threat detected (insects, weeds, diseases, etc.). After having unveiled this remote analysis service at CES 2019, the company presented, at CES 2020, several new crop and livestock monitoring applications available on its platform as well as their on-board version allowing to control equipment and agricultural robots.
Global Secure Cloud
The company highlighted its Global Secure Cloud offering, which provides businesses network and cloud solutions for hosting their data and applications in its own datacenter: VPN / MPLS, private clouds, voice over IP and IoT solutions. Their latest innovation? A connected fishing trap, IoTrapster, which allows you to locate and see what has been intercepted.
Heyliot was at CES to promote an “augmented” urban refuse bin equipped with several sensors: level of filling and also temperature, humidity, pollution, and the detection of fire around the container. This 100% IoT product is designed for local authorities and businesses in order to optimise waste collection or monitor the resupply of newspaper racks for the press. took part in CES to promote its RedPesk® platform, which is currently being developed among major clients in the automotive and maritime world. RedPesk® can manage complex embedded software from millions of lines of code from development to after sales (10-20 years).
XP Digit launched a new version and new services of its product Kypsafe at CES. Kypsafe is a connected and intelligent beaconing solution to improve safety on any type of site in just a few minutes and to save lives at work. Throughout the show, the startup did a demo of its solution, in order to make itself known on the French, European and North American markets.
Mobilty Tech Green
Mobility Tech Green presented e-Colibri, a tailor-made B2B car-sharing solution which was awarded this year with a CES Innovation Award in the « intelligent vehicle and transport » category. The company participated in CES in particular to continue the international influence and to hold B2B meetings.
At CES 2020, Moovency presented KIMEA 360, a tool for evaluating and preventing musculoskeletal disorders in industry. KIMEA 360 can analyse a worker’s skeleton, regardless of the angle of the shot, even when moving. Equipped with learning algorithms, this tool offers a scientifically validated evaluation that replaces multi-sensor systems.
Steepla participated in CES to present its « phygital » internal communication tool which combines large touch screens with web and mobile applications to reach 100% of the company’s employees. Forget the old bulletin board, with Steeple’s solution, information is now accessible everywhere and on all supports: touch screens, mobiles and computers.
WaryMe exhibited in Las Vegas its PTI notification solution ­— for the protection of lone workers. Its new-generation mobile app reinforces the safety of staff potentially exposed to dangers (accidents, medical problems, etc.).
Already present at CES last year where this Breton startup had been very noticed by winning an Innovation Award, Wizama returned to Nevada to present its board game … and especially to offer visitors to the biggest tech fair in the world to play it! Wizama is developing SquareOne, the first digital board game console. The challenge of this company founded in 2017 is to create new ways of playing together, by mixing the best of two worlds: the sociability of traditional board games and the immediacy of video games.
Other companies who were there: Broadpeak, Delta Dore, Digipictoris, Geo-PsyKeopass, Klaxoon, Lexilife, OlnicaYoGoKo – as well as Le Village by CA Ille-et-Vilaine and IMT Atlantique.

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