VIP #1 Le Booster : Boris Golden, investor and entrepreneur

A renowned entrepreneur and high-flying investor, Boris Golden spent some time with our future startup founders as part of our business accelerator program : Le Booster.

boris golden

Stéphanie Fen Chong, the program coordinator, invited Boris so that he could share some of his own experiences as an entrepreneur with the budding entrepreneurs receiving support from La French Tech Rennes St Malo. In his first workshop, reserved exclusively to the 17 Booster candidates, Boris based his presentation on “FailCon”, talking about everything you should if you want your startup to be a FAILURE. Precious advice for our attendees who are very much at the ideas stage.

The next morning, his second workshop was open to the public, taking place in the French Tech signature building. The subject matter was venture capital, Boris’ current area of expertise as an investor at Partech Ventures , a venture capital fund in Europe and the US, specialising in information and communication technology. Those in attendance were treated to Boris’ distinctly non-sugarcoated point of view.

Do you think that VC stands for Very Complicated? Then this workshop is perfect for you! Those were the words that greeted attendees when they registered for the workshop. Indeed, understanding the expectations of VC is an essential stage in launching a funding round. The workshop covered a number of themes: a clear understanding of investor aims, the project analysis criteria for different investors, knowing how to make a pitch, and learning to define your project’s value, with the succinct motto of #nobullshit.

In the worldwide battle to innovate, VC can help startups to move forward and grow faster: it’s basically an “unfair advantage”. Venture Capitalists are digging for both ambition AND potential, and it goes without saying that even in the early days, startups must be able to demonstrate concrete positive results.

The Boostees were treated to nuggets of wisdom from a versatile entrepreneur who has learned from his mistakes and what investors are looking for: a complementary and sometimes harsh insight, but a much needed one for moving in the right direction. ‘Boris gets so many proposals in the mail that he has a unique vantage point over the entire ecosystem, and he also covered other important issues like business models, common causes for disappointment, and how to avoid them.’

Our guest was able to shed light on the interpersonal side, highlighting the importance of good faith between parties if a project is to succeed. But the VC isn’t the only one making decisions! It is also important to understand that not every startup needs a VC, and should be able to get along just fine by themselves, relying on their entrepreneurial spirit.

Meet Boris Golden at the “Tour de France Digitale” in Rennes on the 22nd of March and get the latest on this stage of the Tour organised by France Digitale in our next few articles. Stay tuned!