The upswing of the digital ecosystem

La French Tech is a global movement promoting French innovation, entrepreneurship and startups which has also found its feet in Brittany. In the last years, the digital ecosystem in Rennes and Saint-Malo has been constantly evolving, but what is it truly made of? Here’s a short overview of a study made by Audiar.

Audiar is an agency specialised in urban studies and local development. Every year the agency produces a study about the digital ecosystem. The report released in 2017 is again very positive: the digital sector is becoming more diverse and takes more and more importance in the local economy.

Out of the 400 000 inhabitants of the area, the digital segment employed 28 200 people. The region also experienced a strong growth of employment: 1254 new jobs and 57 startups were created in one year. This growth is driven by the digitalisation of traditional sectors and local expertise in cyber security, IoT and telecoms, to name a few. The location also makes it ideal for doing business here: Rennes is approximately one hour from the seaside and one and half from Paris.

One of the forces of the ecosystem is public research. Thanks to the research institutes of the territory, which are strongly linked to many research units of CNRS (France’s national centre for research), the local economy can build on a combination of education, technological innovation and business. This is probably why Google will launch an digital workshop in Rennes this year. The world’s very first experimentation of this type!

So, what’s next? In 2018, one of the biggest goals is to help local business to better connect with the global market and thus strengthen the international digital ecosystem here in Brittany.

You can find the full study (in French) here.