In Person and Pixels: Social Dunking

Pierre-Olivier Collet wanted to buy a glass of cider for his girlfriend, who had gone to dine outside. He managed to get the drink to her, but he thought the process he had to go through to get it there was too complicated. The first seed of Social Dunking was planted!

How to create a service to buy someone a drink from another location without going through a myriad of steps? By developing a smartphone application and by pitching the idea repeatedly. Here’s a portrait of the startup striving to make its product “the application of summer 2016”!

So what is Social Dunking?

My name is Pierre-Olivier Collet. I studied mechanical engineering and industrial automation at the IUT in Rennes and got an engineering degree from the ECAM. I spent my three years of apprenticeship at Argolf, a golf club manufacturer based in Dinan, as I am a huge golf enthusiast.

I had the idea for Social Dunking in September 2014, and I left Argolf in June 2015 at the end of my fixed-term contract. Since then my whole life has revolved around Social Dunking!

It’s good to have an idea… But how do you make it a reality?

Since September 2014, I have been visiting bars and presenting the idea to them. I worked on the concept a great deal with my first local partner, Le Poney Club. I was also seeking to form a technical team, but I couldn’t find a developer.

I needed a lever for the idea… And I found it on Nagui’s television game show “Tout le monde veut prendre sa place”. I had the opportunity to mention Social Dunking and my search for developers on national television. And it worked! I was contacted by the Rennes-based developers of the KVM Studio, which is already supported by the YAO youth fellowship fund. At the same time, Guillaume Balas also joined the venture as Chief Technology Officer. Today the team is made up of eight people, and we also work with a designer that we met through Le Poney Club: Sevensquare, a resident of Lab61.

Can you tell us a bit about your business model?

We actually have two business models. The first is the BtoB service, which enables the companies involved to send “customized” notifications to a selection of clients with a cost-per-notification. Eventually, geolocation should enable them to reach out to clients passing by their bar.

The other business model is BtoC, which enables each user to buy a drink for the person of their choice for a commission per transaction.

What is on the 2016 agenda for Social Dunking?

I applied to Le Booster, but only for the marketing and sales strategy part of the activity. If everything goes to plan, Social Dunking will enter the closed beta phase in April before its official launch in June, just in time for summer.

For the occasion, we are planning on crowdfunding campaign and “Ignore me or Dunk me’ evening launch events. The aim of the game? To become the king of Dunk, either because you have received the most dunks or because you are the most generous dunker.

We want Social Dunking to become “the app of summer 2016”!