In Person and Pixels: SmartViser

At Barcelona’s World Mobile Congress in February, France was on the foreign delegation winners’ podium, with no fewer than 189 companies in attendance. Among them was a French startup company, Smartviser.

No need to reiterate the omnipresence of smart objects to imagine the complex needs entailed by them. To ensure their effectiveness, Smartviser offers a solution for testing smart objects and their terminals. The startup is planning its first fundraiser for this year.

So what is Smartviser?

A year and a half ago, when we got started, there were six of us. Today there are ten of us, with two-thirds of the employees working in R&D and one-third in marketing and sales.

Our team has just returned from the Mobile Word Congress, which it attended thanks to La French Tech. For us, this trade fair is the most important event of its kind in the world, and we had very good results in 2016, with 87 meetings and more than 20 number-one-priority leads. Our daily challenge for the past month has been to try to bring all our contacts to fruition!

It’s good to have an idea… But how do you make it a reality?

As a team experienced in telecommunications (especially Xavier Frère and Gilles Ricordel), we have been working to bring products to the market and to succeed in sales launches for twenty years.

Smartviser was created to offer professionals the tool that we always dreamed of having. The idea came about a long time ago, and we started to make it a reality in 2013. We began to market the concept 18 to 24 months after the first lines of code were drafted.

After five months of activity, we already had our first client.

Can you tell us a bit about your business model?

Our test solutions are sold to professionals (operators, manufacturers, specialized media, test laboratories) in the form of a license with a renewable annual subscription.

What is on the 2016 agenda for Smartviser?

Our priority is to reinforce the marketing and sales aspect, since we have a pertinent solution that attracts clients. In fact, we have already won over Les Numériques, SFR and Auchan. We are also pursuing our R&D efforts.

We would like to become the reference in smart objects testing for 2018-2019. Technically speaking, in April, we will be releasing the commercial version of our ViSer Web Services platform.

We are also beginning to consider external investments to boost our international development, and so we are preparing a fundraiser.