In Person and Pixels: Alentoor

“We are surrounded by competent people, but we don’t necessarily know them.” This is why Alentoor created a business platform: to develop people’s awareness of nearby companies.

In a former life, Julie and Vincent were searching for a specific kind of material for their professional needs. The companies that they found on the web were located in Paris and Marseille, but their contacts with those companies never came to anything. Reverting to more traditional research methods, Julie and Vincent eventually found a local supplier. As a bonus, they found an opportunity to collaborate and a very friendly partner with whom to discuss their concept. That is how Alentoor’s motto came about: “bringing frontiers back to the web”.

So what is Alentoor?

We are a very complementary team of three associates:

  • Julie Le Falher, our surprising 33-year-old sales representative, who handles the sales development, relations and events.
  • Julien Tanguy,28 years old, takes care of all the technical development aspects. At Alentoor, everything is done in-house.
  • Vincent Bertin, 34 years of age, handles the marketing, communication, ergonomics and web design.

It’s good to have an idea… But how do you make it a reality?

In 2013, we took the time to work on a market study and test the potential of our idea by sharing it with the people closest to us. We quickly defined a number of characteristics, but we were aware that we needed a technical partner for the software development.

That is why we launched our “recruitment cocktail parties” in order to find the right applicant. It was a fun but an exhausting experience! We met Julien in May 2014, and Alentoor was officially registered in September 2014. We had a beta version at the time, and we launched the official public version six months later.

Can you tell us a bit about your business model?

Our business model is based on two aspects. The first is the freemium offer of Alentoor Evolution, which we will be completed in the upcoming months. We are aiming for 2,000 paid subscriptions by the end of the year. At the same time, the second aspect is the upcoming launch of white-label solutions for public and joint local authorities.

What is on the 2016 agenda for Alentoor?

Today, more than 1,100 companies are registered on the platform. They are principally located in the Rennes area, and they came to us through word of mouth. Now we are aiming to develop on a national level and then expand to other French-speaking countries.

We will also propose new tools, other than the platform, to bring people together, business-to-business recommendations, for example.

Moreover, Alentoor will soon make it possible to post targeted content that can be suggested to a precise type of company or profession.

Also on the agenda is a monthly event where a group of 25 business managers have the opportunity to gather for a two-hour after-work meet-up.

Not everything can happen on the web: proximity provides meaning. That might seem obvious, but it’s worth repeating!