The Startup Weekend Was Here!

Startup…WEEKEND! This event, which was eagerly awaited by students in particular, took place from March 4 to 6, 2016 in our flagship building. We joined sponsors such as Télécom Bretagne, Le Shift, Pôle Images et Réseaux, Avoxa, and KPMG for an intense experience!

Startup Weekend, what’s that ? 

Already sold out weeks before the scheduled date, the event attracted over 100 participants, who pitched their ideas on Friday night at La French Tech Rennes St Malo. In total, we heard over 35 pitches from a wide range of people including developers, dads, students, English speakers, marketing whizzes, and so on.

Forming the teams was no easy task: each person had to choose his or her favorite project and stick a Post-It on it to join. Once the teams had been formed, work got underway!

An Intense, Energized Atmosphere

Our floors in the Le Mabilay totem building swarmed with participants. The atmosphere was friendly but focused, with good laughs along the way (with photos to prove it!).

Three Winners and a Jury’s Favorite

The jury gave a special mention to Les Menus du Marché, a project to bring local merchants closer to ‘informed’ and diligent consumers.  

The weekend’s big winner was My SafeZone, a data protection project for journalists and reporters that hosts their content on a protected cloud.

In second place was the weekend’s only international project that hopes to tackle the harassment suffered by Indian women every day. Push4Help is a device they can use to call for help from people nearby with the app.

Bronze went to Equipe-moi, a sport gear exchange platform that had one of the best hashtags of the weekend: #YesWeCanoe.

Thanks to all and don’t forget…