Rennes: ambitious & magnetic

Rennes, capital of Brittany, is renown for its great quality of life, its huge students’ community and its R&D hub. What you may not be aware of – yet – is the town’s dynamism when it comes to employment. 

Booming city

You can’t say that Rennes is remote! An airport serving 28 destinations and increasing his seat capacity by 12,7% this year, a new high-speed rail connecting Rennes to Paris in 1h25 starting in July, a station transformed into a multimodal transit hub (EuroRennes), a second metro line in construction, a brand new conference centre … the city is expanding and fast! Furthermore, 60% of the population is under forty and counts 62,000 students backed by 4.000 researchers creating a prodigious university ecosystem.

Plus, the local economy is based on food and agriculture industrynew technologies and the long-standing presence of leading businesses in the high-tech sectors such as Orange and Technicolor resulting in a high concentration of skills and knowledge.

700 jobs opening in one day

In 2016,  we witness an increase of 950 jobs in the digital sector in the area alone (counting 27.000 jobs in digital companies in total) ranking the city in the 8th best position nationally. Not far from the objective set by Rennes Métropole with 1.000 jobs to be created annually for the next 5 years! Also, through 10 accelerators programs, 27 startups were created last year gathering already 72 employees.

Moreover, digital companies raised more funds in 2016 with 35.2 millions collected, than in 2015 (11.2M€) and 2014 (5.4M€) combined!

This breeding ground helps them to focus on finding new talents to develop their activities. Therefore, for the third year in a row, La French Tech Rennes St Malo, the Rennes Atalante Science and Technology Park and La Meif (project uniting all actors related to employment, vocational trainings and professional integration) organised a Forum focused on recruitment within the digital sector.

Twenty six companies and thirteen startups accumulated 700 jobs openings! Different sectors and entrepreneurs were represented with large companies (such as Niji and Capgemini) or early-stage startups looking for partners. In the end, more than 300 people came to chat, hand out their resumes and looked for a match.

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