In Person and Pixels: Dulo

Does revising the definition of housing to deliver custom, high-performance homes and buildings that are also easy to build seem like too much to ask? Not for Dulo.

Anthony Esposito was convinced he needed to establish his company outside of Paris, and was drawn to St Malo and its Atalante technopole. In 2015, the company set up shop there. We spoke with a young entrepreneur who is now an active part of our ecosystem!

Who’s behind Dulo?

We’re an ambitious team with a very high energy performance construction solution. The houses we build are solid and insulated from the outside, with their own construction technology. Basically, Dulo is like a library of blocks that we can use like giant Legos, with no on-site modification. It’s a building kit into which we “just” pour concrete.

Our aim is to rationalise the home to improve assembly time and performance.

Ideas are good, but how do you make them a reality?

Through experience and complementary skills: I started learning the trade at the age of 14 alongside Compagnons du Devoir du Tour de France, an organization of craftsmen and artisans. I also studied architecture. I now work with Olivier Rowenczyk, an engineer specializing in design, space design and ergonomics. There are now six of us !

Tell us a bit about your business model.

We use an almost industrial approach in the way we look at the home in the broad sense, from the single-family house to the apartment complex. We’ve totally revamped the way homes are designed and assembled. We currently offer two formulas: “Heavy lifting” and “A helping hand” which we adapt to Dulo Home’s wide range of projects.

What’s in store for Dulo in 2016?

We’ve created a line of fourteen homes, and have seen just how powerful Dulo is. It became obvious to us that we needed to come up with a 3D configurator to let our users customise their house online. That’s just gone live! Plus, we’re working on our next fundraising campaign with a third round and the opening of Dulo-stores, independent agencies.