Nautic Startup Day : A dive into startups !

Business meetings and a startup competition are on the agenda during this event, to be held on December 4th and organized by the two Breton branches of La French Tech, as part of the Nautic Paris Boat Show. Two sequences orchestrated by two French Tech branches with one single goal in mind: this is the very definition of efficiency, both in terms of fostering business relationships and showcasing fresh talent in the nautical startup world.

This is not French Tech Brest+ and French Tech Rennes St Malo’s first attempt. Last year, they organized a double event for startups at the Nautic. This year, the concept has been simplified: Nautic Startup Day will address all of the various needs of nautical startups.

Sequence 1: Business Meetings

On the one hand, traditional companies in the nautical sector (primarily SMEs and ISEs) are seeking innovation in order to stay one step ahead in their development. On the other, startups offer a constant source of creative energy, often presaging coming changes in the industry and services. This is the logic behind these business meetings, “local” encounters that meet both parties’ needs and facilitate the link between two worlds that don’t often meet.

Concretely, on Monday, December 4th between 2:00 and 3:30 p.m., eight companies in the nautical sector will meet, during 15-minute one-on-one meetings, with Breton nautical startups who have travelled to Paris for the occasion.

Are you a Breton startup that wishes to participate or see a list of the SMEs and ISEs who will be present? Register here:

Startup registration

Sequence 2: the Nautical Startup Competition

This pitching competition is open to all French and foreign startups operating in the nautical sector. A jury composed of well-known companies, investment funds and startup experts will select the 4 best nautical start-ups. But, for that matter, what is a startup? The Breton French Tech defines a startup as “an innovative project [in terms of technology or its uses] seeking a business model, recent [less than 5 years old] and scalable”. #goodtoknow

On Monday, December 4th, between 3:45 and 5:15 p.m., the fifteen start-ups selected will each have 3 minutes to pitch, followed by 2 minutes of questions from the jury. Following the pitching session and the jury’s deliberation, the four winning start-ups will be awarded a trophy.

Are you a startup in the nautical sector that wishes to take part in this competition? Register here to pitch (registration is fast and free!):

Startup registration

Are you an investor, an entrepreneur, an expert in the nautical sector, a startup expert or just a curious visitor? Register here to attend the event:

General registration

// Practical Information //

– official Twitter hashtag: #NauticSD

– date: December 4th, 2017

– location: Nautic Paris Boat Show, Hall 1, stand H13 (Brittany)

– schedule:

– 2:00 – 3:30 p.m.: business meetings

– 3:45 –  5:15 p.m.: pitching competition

– 5:15 p.m.: crepes and cider for all!

– 5:30 p.m.: prizes are awarded by the jury


Note: if you don’t have a pass for the Boat Show, French Tech will email you your ticket 48 hours before the event.


If you would like to contact us for more information, you can do so here: La French Tech Rennes St Malo /  French Tech Brest+