More business with the UK!

A unique meeting took place in Rennes on 19th April when the British ambassador to UNESCO, Matthew Lodge, met with local business actors during a Franco-British conference organised by the Chamber of Commerce and the World Trade Center Rennes.

The United Kingdom and Brittany are not only geographically close, they also share several sectors of excellence: cybersecurity, agri-food, education… Therefore, it is only logical that the two regions value a close economic cooperation.

It is in this line of thinking that, following the meeting in Rennes, was created the ‘Rennes Franco-British Business Club’. The business club will provide workshops, meetings, events and offer a place for exchanges between English and Breton businesses. The club is open to all French companies that wish to develop their business in the UK and vice versa.

In the context of Brexit it becomes even more crucial to think of new ways to create common business channels, as reminded Emmanuel Thaunier, the President of the local Chamber of Commerce: “We must be open and remain responsive to opportunities ”.