Major evolution for Open Agora for Slack poll application

Open Agora: a successful Slack application. Published since 2017, this poll application is used in Slack by more than 350 000 people, mainly in the USA and Europe. These users create polls within Slack conversations, where channel members vote directly.

Innovative voting methods

Since its early days, Open Agora for Slack provides innovative solutions such as Condorcet voting system in order to quickly reach consensus for decision making. This application may be used for mundane topics like choosing the right place for an after-work or for more important ones such as choosing a new logo or a development technology.

The last upgrade provides the majority judgment technique. Very simple to use: channel members only need to rate the propositions. This solution provides a precise and reliable picture of team members state of mind. It may also be used to get feedback after a meeting or an event. On a daily basis, it enables an accurate tracking of group commitment.

A seamless integration

Open Agora is fully integrated in Slack. It may be used by every member of the team, within channel conversations. Whenever a conversation is not progressing anymore, participants only need to launch a poll in the channel. Everyone sees it at once and may answer without switching channel. The result is updated in real time after each vote.

Try Open Agora for Slack right now

Open Agora for Slack may be used freely on any Slack workspace. The most advanced featured are only available with premium subscriptions. The first month is completely free of charge, no credit card needed. Go ahead!

Press release

Contact: Morvan Christophe

Phone: 06 38 86 58 65