Le Booster #3: Sigpau

Sigpau is a dematerialisation solution that could soon become a part of every firefighter’s equipment, eliminating tedious and time-consuming tasks that are so essential on emergency calls.

In a world where everyone seems to be talking about the digital transformation, you might think that professionals dealing with emergency situations already take full advantage of technology. Well it’s finally coming true!

Complicated logistics

It seems hard to believe, but firefighters on fire calls still acquire information the old-fashioned way, despite it being a key element in any intervention: they need to know in advance where hydrants are located, place names, how many people live or work in an affected building, top priority sectors that need to be protected and specific procedures to be applied.

For example, emergency personnel use specific information sheets for each make and model when freeing victims from a vehicle. This gives an idea of all the information firefighting professionals need.

Today, firefighters still consult binders of tech sheets, or try to phone the owners of the buildings involved in the fire. This time-consuming procedure can waste precious minutes.

What Sigpau will change

Sigpau is about to revolutionize the way firefighters work. Owners—whether individuals, professionals or institutions—will soon be able to subscribe to a service that will share all of the useful information on the property and the people occupying it.

“With this service, subscribers are guaranteed that if there’s ever a problem, they will have provided firefighters with useful information that will protect the residents or other occupants, but also their equipment. The cost will be covered in part by insurance companies because the property will be better protected with Sigpau”, explains Emmanuelle Clouet.

Firefighters will benefit from clear time savings with all the information they need in one place, up to date and available on a tablet. They will also be able to keep track of interventions, identifying any areas for improving the safety of property and people.

Emmanuelle Clouet and Eric Demontet arrived at Le Booster programme in February with an idea and a business model they wanted to test. Today, they’re busy holding meetings with professionals throughout the region. Sigpau just may be the next hottest product!

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