Le Booster season 7 : LineUp

Nabil DITINI, Amine KALI et Hakima MASSLOUH have designed LineUp, a solution aimed at bringing peace of mind calmness to restaurant managers even remotely from their restaurants.

A specific market: Morocco

Nabil understood the issues linked to restaurant management thanks to his family history. On retirement, his father decided to invest in a restaurant. “I never fail, I either win or I learn”. These words by Nelson Mandela can be aptly used to describe the conclusion of a venture that resulted in the closure of the restaurant and enabled him to identify issues that could be solved through digital technology, subject to the creation of a perfectly adapted solution. This solution is LineUp.

In Morocco, 60% of cafés and restaurants do not make it past their third year of operation and yet opening one’s own place remains an attractive proposition for Moroccans since labour is cheap and the margins are good.

In terms of the daily running, it is hard for restaurant managers, who are not often at the premises, to keep an eye on all aspects. This can lead to nasty surprises in terms of stock management, the balance between revenue and expenditure, employee professionalism, etc. The list goes on and yet 95% of everyday tasks are similar and highly automatable” explains Nabil.

A reliable and high-performance assistant on hand

Supporting the digitisation of the restaurant sector in a geographical zone that the team knows well and encouraging restaurant owners willing to use LineUp for their capacity to incorporate innovative tools.

LineUp should become the right-hand man for restaurant owners, a tool capable of giving them the information and figures they need, but also guiding and supporting them via a multi-tiered advice system, starting with basic advice based on the figures: for example, if electricity consumption is abnormally high, LineUp will offer solutions aimed at limiting expenditure in this area. The LineUp team plans to take this much further, making LineUp an essential tool for the restaurant sector in Morocco, as part of a second phase: “Le Booster acceleration program has enabled us to make our offer easier to understand and take advantage of the expert advice and group dynamics. The feedback from everyone is very instructive” states Amine.

So will LineUp be coming to France soon? According to Nabil, not necessarily: “The Moroccan market and the French market are very different and LineUp is currently adapted to the features of the former. However, many countries have similar characteristics, so after Morocco we’ll attempt to win new markets in the developing countries.”