Le Booster Season 5: Medipix

By conceiving videos, serious games and virtual reality solutions, Medipix wants to make healthcare more fun for patients!

The public health sphere, which studies and diagnoses population groups, is not very well-known to the general public. Vincent-Dozhwal Bagot is well aware of it as he reads this specialty at CHU Rennes.

Geeky and self-taught, he acquired web development and graphic design skills that he later applied to field of medicine by creating Medipix, a healthcare communications agency.

Medipix: from self-employed to stratupper?

Before founding his agency, Vincent-Dozhwal rapidly developed his ability to harness video technology and apply it to healthcare. “For the last two years, I was self-employed and made videos”, he explains. “Today, visual media and design are very important. Healthcare lacks in communication. My goal is to make it interesting and attractive.”

So what exactly is Medipix? It is a didactic communications agency in medical care. Videos, serious games, virtual reality applications…different kinds of services are offered. “Our targets are healthcare establishments, mutual insurances and pharmaceutical laboratories.”

In his opinion, fun is what is missing from communications in this sector. “Everyone is interested in his or her own health and a lot is currently being said about empowerment, in which the patient plays an active role. And if anything can turn people into actors, it’s a video game. Entertaining strategies such as addictiveness, rewards, penalties, a fantasy world, repeated actions, the ability to make mistakes… all of this encourages involvement”, he says. “I learned English nearly without realizing it through video games I played when I was 15. Playing is a form of learning.”

Le Booster, or facing one’s fears

Despite his calm demeanour, Vincent-Dozhwal used his experience with Le Booster to overcome certain fears. “Before Le Booster, I was afraid, and now I’m not,” he laughs. “It’s very interesting to encounter companies facing the same issues as you without being competitors. This saved me from finding information in bits and pieces online. Here, we get a lot of feedback on how to launch a start-up under the best possible conditions.”

When he joined Season 5 of Le Booster in February, the challenge he dreaded the most was the market study. “I was kind of in denial about it, and taking part in Le Booster reassured me a lot. Today, I’m no longer afraid to seek out people who might be interested in Medipix”

“Hey, Brain what do you want to do tonight?”

“Like all startups, I want to take over the world,” Vincent-Dozhwal says with a smile, when he is asked about his plans for the coming month.

More seriously, the young entrepreneur is working on designing a product he presented during the SF2H conference (the French Society for Hospital Hygiene) in Nice a few weeks ago: an application that uses virtual reality and recreates a healthcare environment in real-time.

Intern by day and entrepreneur by night, Vincent-Dozhwal Bagot places a lot of emphasis on R&D to offer communication solutions that are innovative and, above all, fun.