Le booster season 5 : Elia-Digital

Using an application and a chatbot, Élia-digital wants to provide answers to the many questions asked by pet owners.


While she worked in a veterinary clinic for two years, followed by five years with in a pharmaceutical lab, Élise Bertet met hundreds of veterinarians.

She quickly realized that many of them observed that pet owners are often ill-informed. She decided to create Élia-digital, an artificial intelligence whose purpose is the centralization of informational content for animal lovers.

Providing essential information

Élise, who trained as a veterinarian, explains that it’s always frustrating to encounter animals who were treated too late: “It isn’t negligence or ill will,” she says.  “Owners just don’t know enough. We need to be there on a daily basis to answer their questions.”

To resolve this communication problem, the young woman had an idea: to create an application and a chatbot to directly contact pet owners, thereby preventing unintended tragedies.

“I thought there was work to be done to better inform pet owners. People don’t receive enough advice, they need guidance. When you have a pet, you’re faced with a different species that you can’t necessarily understand. People tend to anthropomorphize their pets.”

The Booster, a priceless opportunity

Before joining Le Booster, Élise already had her idea, but she was unsure about her business model. “I knew what I wanted to do. Le Booster helped me a great deal with certain aspects, particularly the means of funding and commercializing my solution.”

Once she created a smartphone application, she began developing a chatbot, which she plans to offer to clinics. Her aim is to develop a solid foundation of content and eventually, save time for clinics who normally answer questions by phone.