Le booster season 5: Avipublik

Optimised communication between companies and local authorities.

After 15 years working in the field of environment and public contracts Julien Leplae decided to set up Avipublik in February 2017. This communication platform aims to evaluate service performance to better help companies meet the needs of local authorities.

At the outset: identifying failure

When entering into public contracts, companies and local authorities do not really talk about their project, as Julien explains: “there’s sometimes a negative assumption, a mistrust. However, it’s always good in a client-supplier relationship to take into account the need in order to be able to provide the most appropriate service. I’m offering service that will make it possible to improve communication and trust and work together towards a single objective. Based on performance”.

To evaluate this performance, Avipublik will use local authority surveys, “the idea is to be able to measure the local authority satisfaction, using fifteen to so questions, but also to publish company performance online via Avipublik”. The objective is transparency and continuous improvement.

What criteria will be used to evaluate the performance?

In practical terms, the company will have its past work evaluated, making it more attractive to other clients: “we want to be able to publish certificates of competency: documents requested for public contracts and analysed by local authorities. We also want to offer an “advice” service to companies and help them activate the right levers to improve their services. Or even issue alerts at crucial times such as contract renewals”.

Avipublik has three main ways of measuring local authority satisfaction: telephone surveys, physical surveys and online surveys: “We have set out an average bundle of eight surveys, with fifteen or so open and closed questions, including feedback from elected representatives, technical directors, field officers and even the general public, covering the service, deadlines, budget, communication, after-sales service, environmental factors and social issues”.

Avipublik’s client is the company: “with a survey costing under a thousand euros with a specific local authority. I envision 15 to 20 clients in the first year, around 50 in the second year and 160 in the third year”. Plus a team of three staff members if all goes according to plan: Julien in charge of commercial development, another with a background in web-marketing, and one dedicated to the surveys. The first recruitment should take place during 2018.

The service will be free for local authorities and they can be certain that they will be using high-quality companies, “the challenge lies solely in convincing them to respond to the surveys”, adds Julien.

Le Booster to gain skills

Julien joined Le Booster on the recommendation of his local network of entrepreneurs: “And Le Booster is aptly named! I didn’t necessarily have digital skills as my background was in commercial development and public contracts. Le Booster helped me better understand digital issues in order to better understand which provider to approach and which partners to consider and have a reference point on the cost structure elements linked to digital technology”.

So why choose entrepreneurship? “I spent 15 years working in the environmental field of commercial development. I wanted to express my creativity in an entrepreneurial project and do what I always dreamed of doing: running a company and team management. I hope to achieve these goals with this venture. And I also hope that tomorrow an SME will win a contract against a large corporate group thanks to Avipublik!”