Le Booster #3: vendre.com

Do you think innovation is impossible in a classifieds sector dominated by hugely successful players like Le Bon Coin? Think again. Jade Sauzet and Loïc Ridel recently created vendre.com and have been following Le Booster’s programme since February. 

Jade sets the record straight right off the bat: vendre.com is an online classified ad site “with no hassles and no rip offs: you buy whatever you want from the comfort of your own couch, without having to leave your home”. 

Making it easier to buy and sell your stuff

Jade wants to make buying second-hand items online as easy as buying something new: “With us, the buyer’s experience is just like making a purchase on any e-commerce site with online payment, home delivery and guaranteed satisfaction. For the seller, it’s just as easy: they post their ad, and we take care of the rest. When the buyer makes the payment, the seller approves the sale. Then we pick up the item from the seller’s home and deliver it to the buyer before transferring payment to the seller’s virtual wallet on vendre.com. The seller can either transfer the money to their bank account or reuse it on the site.”

The site was launched in late April and is reserved for consumers. Like any good project, it meets a need: to provide individual consumers with the service they deserve, a turnkey service that handles shipping and guarantees payment. “On other sites, shipping and payments are tricky. Then there’s the risk of telemarketing when you hand over your phone number”, explains Jade. The vendre.com platform also makes it easier to give items a second life, helping people consume responsibly and reduce waste.

A project that grows with its users

This year, vendre.com will be moving from St Malo to St Grégoire with plans to hire more staff and raise funds in September. The company’s calendar is jam-packed after spending a few months with Booster project promotors and experienced entrepreneurs: “There aren’t too many participants at The Booster, so there’s a real opportunity for discussion and to compare our projects. There’s a real sense of mutual support. The best thing about it is the mentoring sessions and meeting experienced entrepreneurs. That’s so essential for moving our projects ahead,” explains Jade.

Vendre.com’s early adopters weren’t what the young entrepreneur expected: “we initially targeted young parents, for obvious reasons. Baby equipment takes up a lot of space and is used only for a short time. And it’s still often in good condition when it’s no longer needed. But, contrary to what we expected, artisans were the first to join the platform, through the “handmade” category. They were disappointed with other sites—even ones dedicated to crafts—so through word of mouth, they came to us, and currently represent 50% of sales.” The future looks bright for the company as it joins MVCube, Médiaveille’s accelerator, for the next six months.

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