Le Booster #3: B°Ker

B’Ker provides “the right information to the right people at the right time”. Basically, it’s a solution for researchers in laboratories to protect their research, devices and products. Based on new technologies and IoT, this project marks a turning point in this industry and could open doors to many other opportunities.

Time and money are essential in any research project. Collecting the right data in real time to be able to take action means keeping an eye on safety parameters, and being able to stop a test that isn’t producing the expected results without wasting time. All that is possible thanks to B’Ker!

Big data and security

Here’s a little story for people unfamiliar with the research world, the true story of the Roscoff biological station: in January 2008, when they returned to work after their Christmas holidays, station staff realized that their freezer had broken down.

For any family, this kind of annoyance would mean the potential loss of several pounds of food. But for the biological station, it meant the loss of extremely rare living organisms, a loss estimated at nine million euros!

If they had had B’Ker, an alert would have been sent in time to the “right person” who would have been able to intervene to protect the precious samples. What’s more, if the station had had B’Ker sensors monitoring experiments in real time, the researchers would have been able to decide to shut down certain tests, thereby saving time, freeing up equipment for new tests and making best use of an often limited budget.

The Booster… What’s next?

When Sylvain Garrault and Cédric Leclerc joined the Booster in February, B’Ker was still just an idea, but one that had already won support from its future users: “The Booster’s methods helped us really make huge progress, it’s assistance in the true sense of the word. The 20 weeks have just flown by! I don’t know how previous editions went, but we share true values with the other project promotors in this third edition: sharing, mutual assistance, goodwill… As for mentoring, it provides an opportunity to talk with entrepreneurs who are extremely busy and would not have had time for us otherwise.”

B’Ker now enjoys strong support from its users, and all systems are ‘Go’ for the next stage. Then, there’s the contagious enthusiasm of the two entrepreneurs: “We’re working closely with researchers and we’re having a ball in this experimentation and exploration phase with them”. What’s next? Financing for late 2016. That’s a plan!

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