La French Tech Rennes St Malo hosts a Chinese delegation


Dinan, St Malo, and Rennes welcomed a group of 20 Chinese entrepreneurs for a three-day trip full of fruitful discussion that could lead to partnerships.

Many companies dream of cracking the Chinese market, with its 1.5 billion consumers. But it can be difficult to meet local entrepreneurs, which is why the Association des Cadres Bretons (ACB) jumped at the chance to set up a Chinese delegation in Brittany when the idea was suggested by the CCPIT (China Council for the Promotion of International Trade). The trip was put forward by Yan Jufen, Chief Representative of the CCPIT and Secretary General of the Association for Chinese Companies in France.

After his three days in Dinan, St Malo, and Rennes, the CCPIT representative said he was “very impressed and interested in the products and services offered by companies here”. Between August 17 and 19, he visited Roullier Group, Thermes Marins de St Malo, Beaumanoir Group, Olnica, Kerlink, and La French Tech Rennes Saint Malo, accompanied by around 20 Chinese entrepreneurs. This program was defined by inter-network discussions between the ACB on one side, and the Pays de Rance Entrepreneurs Club and La French Tech on the other.

8 guests were expected, and around 20 turned up!

Despite the visit lasting three days, time was of the essence as, according to Mr Jufen, the delegation had “a lot of questions and a lot of interest, but not enough time”. He believes “the companies will contact each other” after the trip. Marie Caro, head of the ACB’s International Commission, who organized the trip, specified that demand focused primarily on the “tourism, agrifood, and tech sectors.” The tour proved popular, with the delegation growing from an initially expected 8 guests to a total of around 20, thanks to the “warm welcome” and appealing program.

Local Breton entrepreneurs were also visibly pleased with the contacts they made. Sylvain Corvaisier, founder of iReplay, presented his product at the Cantine Numérique on Wednesday morning. While he believes that “there is considerable Chinese interest in France”, French companies “have a hard time addressing it.” He left the event with a contact at China Telecom, which may open a door to the Chinese market. Yan Jufen concluded the trip by explaining that all the products they had seen “had a lot of potential” and that “success depends on your hard work and good fortune. The closer the contact, the better your fortunes will be.”