La French Tech Rennes Saint Malo at the starting point of the Transat Jacques Vabre !

On the 24th of October at 2pm, La French Tech Rennes Saint Malo will sail from Le Havre to start the Transat Jacques Vabre. Showing off the colours of our project for the first time, the 12th edition of this famous race will be run by Gilles Lamiré and his co-skipper Yvan Bourgnon on a 50-feet trimaran.

Naturally, at La French Tech Rennes St Malo, everybody is very proud: “Going beyond oceans faster than others and arriving in one piece is one objective that we share when we help start-ups to develop overseas” adds enthusiastically Stanislas Hintzy, Managing Director of the label. 

Facing the unexpected …

Skippers and entrepreneurs have other shared values like the use of technologies within an ever-changing and intangible environment. As Stanislas Hintzy underlines: «In order to cope, skippers and entrepreneurs must show the same qualities: take measured risks, anticipate, be persistent, be creative and manage their sleep.»

Gilles Lamiré, the trimaran’s Breton skipper, adds: “What I enjoy in ocean racing is that no matter how much anticipation you put into it, you cannot prevent bad meteorological conditions or technical issues. When we face a problem, we have no other choice than to think about how to resolve it straight away. Once under control, one comes out stronger, more experienced and with a better understanding of one’s strengths and weaknesses.» In other words, ready to tackle what’s coming next!

And build your own success…

Regardless of the weather on departure, you don’t get involved in an ocean race without a fair amount of determination and a positive state of mind. That’s where we recognise Gilles Lamiré: «More than being optimistic, I’d rather deal with unforeseen circumstances with a positive attitude. I’ve always wanted to be in charge of my own destiny so I won’t risk it on luck or lottery. It seems apparent for entrepreneurs: they each manage their own destiny and build their own success.»

There might well be a factor of luck whether at sea or in a business, but it’s unapparent , and  we gladly demonstrate the strength of mind to face it… All the best, Gilles and Yvan, people from La French Tech Rennes St Malo are behind you and share this dream of success!

This project of sailing sponsorship, funded by Rennes Métropole and Saint-Malo Agglomération, demonstrates how committed the two collectivities are to support territorial startups together with the development of innovation within the economy.