IoTuesday: We’re On It!

Annual partnership with Avnet-Memec Silica and Digipictoris

The first IoTuesday in France was held (by us!) on February 23, 2016, and it’s a date to add to your diaries! Inspired by Mobile Mondays, this bimonthly event dedicated to connected objects is organized in partnership with Le Labfab, Bug, Rennes Atalante and Télécom Bretagne.

This first IoTuesday was introduced by Hugues Aubin (aka @zolnir). It focused on the impact of IoT in our daily lives, with its uses at the heart of discussions. An illustrated presentation with concrete examples helped the audience understand what’s at stake as the internet moves from screens to objects, and what this means for our community.

So, what is IoT, exactly? It’s probably a lot easier to understand than you think!

Over a hundred people came to learn about the five connected objects presented at ‘Pitch My Thing’.

“Mommy, is it tomorrow yet?” This common question led Bérengère Amiot to create Kikoo, a connected nightlight. Its eyes light up to let children know whether it’s time to get up or not. It’s easy to assemble and program on the website. A crowdfunding campaign is being prepared andthe product is currently being designed. IMG_1463

Another child-related project is Koguma, which means “little bear” in Japanese. It’s a connected piggy bank paired with an augmented reality application. It uses smartphones and tablets to teach children about environmental issues by projecting them into the natural habitats of animals. 


And how could we not talk about robotics? Haapie is a little cognitive and socially connected robot designed to facilitate human-machine interactions. It has fully customizable colors and functions and can be used in fields like tele-medicine, e-learning and home automation. 


From our project partner BrestTech+ came B-sensory, who presented us with its Little Bird. No, it’s not a Twitter spinoff, but a connected sex toy. When you download the app, you choose your erotic reading and the sex toy adapts to the story via Bluetooth. 


Last but not least is the home automation box Tydom by Delta Dore. It is used to intuitively manage your interior in photo mode. A concept home in downtown Rennes presents some of its solutions in real conditions. Delta Dore has already equipped 3 million homes and 9,000 offices and industrial sites with comfort and energy control solutions. 

photo tydom Delta Dore

Missed the first IoTuesday? Don’t panic!

The next one will be held on Tuesday, April 19 at 5:00 pm in our offices.

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