[International] Our startups at the Mobile World Congress : Data2b

Formed in August 2015, Data2B has already come a long way since it first took part in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. In 2017, the team is back with a vengeance!

Data? And what else?  Data2B  has found its niche. It provides businesses with turnkey solutions covering everything from identifying professional issues to delivering software that helps them improve the way they work and – most importantly – their results. As they prepared to depart for Spain, we met up with the startup’s co-founder, Franck Gallos.

Why are you going to the Mobile World Congress?

Mathieu, Data2B’s co-founder, and I both have a background in  telecoms, so we’re naturally drawn to Barcelona. It’s an event where you meet lots of businesses that generate data which they then need to process. Mobility is an issue for all sectors now, not just the telecoms market – think smart cities, for example, or the transport industry and car manufacturers. I’m exaggerating a little, but you could almost say cars have become smartphones with four wheels and an engine.

What is your team hoping to get out of the Barcelona event?

We want to beat what we did last year. In 2016, we came back from Spain with one new client and another who we finally managed to secure when we were out there. At the time, Data2B had only existed for 6 months and only two of us attended. This year there are five of us going, and we’re backed by all the work we’ve already done for clients and a whole extra year of development.

As a company based in Rennes, have you had any difficulties setting up relationships with overseas clients?

No, not at all. Or at least we haven’t come across any yet. We definitely haven’t with Spain because it’s so easy to get to Barcelona and Madrid from Rennes. That’s ideal for us as we want to develop Data2B with offices there and a Spanish website.

Every country is different, but we’ve never had any problems in that regard. It might even be a bit harder for national companies based in Paris!

Have you ever felt regional companies are viewed differently at international trade shows?

Definitely not! In fact, we get a huge number of requests from large international groups who don’t even think in those terms.

Have you had any help from your local region to get you to Barcelona?

BCI  (Bretagne Commerce International) organized our trip, and we’ve been lucky enough to be given a place on French Tech’s Brittany stand. It’s a great way to showcase a region with real telecoms assets.