Eegle, an eye in the sky

Eegle, a young company based in Cesson-Sévigné, set itself a challenge: to offer an online collaborative platform for regional stakeholders. We met the man behind this innovative project.

Laurent Le Breton, a graduate of the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Rouen, was employed for many years by Dassault Systèmes where he gained extensive experience in the various facets of the engineering profession. After working on everything from smart buildings to the Smart City, Laurent left the software developer for an adventure on a more human scale, but no less ambitious.

Facilitating access to data

Driven by his enduring desire to work on sustainable city models, the entrepreneur co-founded ForCity platform with ForCity, a Lyon-based company which developed a cloud platform. Its goal? Helping regional stakeholders to model, simulate and view the impact of urban projects. It’s basically Sim City, but for real!” he explains with a smile.

Then, in late 2016, he decided to create Eegle to develop a collaborative platform for regional stakeholders based on digital data”. The company targets the mobility, energy, urban planning and development sectors and was created in response to a single observation: there are currently no tools that allow regional data to be centralized.Our goal with Eegle is to create an environment that simplifies data exchange,” Laurent explains.It will also make it possible to share data using an interface that’s like a professional social network, with contacts and groups.”

API included

The Eegle web platform will have an API (application programming interface) to encourage third-party application development.The idea,”the entrepreneur explains, “is to consider the platform like a cell phone that you can create apps on. For example, we could develop apps to display energy consumption and CO2 emissions for urban development projects.”

Eegle: taking on the world?

Though he wants to test the platform locally first, Eegle’s creator plans to waste no time in going global.We’re lucky to live in Brittany where people are really receptive to experimentation.  We’re going to launch an initial experimentation phase to test the service and demonstrate its value at the regional level.  And at the same time, I’m looking nationally and internationally. Plus, we’re not ruling out the possibility of finding international clients, experimenters or partners very soon.”