600 visitors and 30 speakers explored the future with us again!


Leading figures and the public were in attendance at the Digital Tech Conference public and a passion for tech was, of course, omnipresent in every debate. The 3rd Digital Tech Conference in its new format proved a roaring success. 


More than 600 visitors attended the 3rd Digital Tech Conference, on the 7th and 8th of December at the French Tech Rennes St Malo and Rennes Opera House. More than 30 experts, researchers and entrepreneurs captivated audiences at 25 sessions in various formats: keynotes, debates, performances, workshops and masterclasses.

The public seemed particularly impressed by the talent and knowledge of Pierre Paperon (former McKinsey-AltaVista-Danone-Lastminute), Andy Budd (English UX designer) and Cécile Monteil (medical doctor and expert in blockchain) but a great many other sessions also fuelled the conversations (Yael Rozencwajg, Jérôme Pons, Rodolphe Gelin and Primavera De Filippi, to name but a few…).

Encouraging feedback

The initial feedback from the speakers themselves is also very encouraging: “The Digital Tech conference demonstrates how far we are able to move forward, innovate and realize the most unlikely dreams at startup speed while keeping our feet on the groundreports Yael Rozencwajg, founder of Blockchain Israel. “This event is a wonderful demonstration of the regional dynamism in digital technologies” reveals Vincent Fauchoux, co-founder of BlockchainyourIp (and lawyer in Paris). “The Digital Tech is a welcome interlude in our busy schedules to discuss the opportunities and impacts of the digital technologies of tomorrow. I am very happy to have been able to take part in this event, which does a great job of representing the incredible digital dynamism of the region, in which Thales plays a key role” adds David Rio of Thales Services.

Strong and unique concept

There were some new additions to the 3rd Conference, which also stabilised the “Digital Tech concept”: “We wanted an original positioning and format for the Digital Tech Conference, a major digital event of the Rennes/Saint-Malo ecosystem, explains Stanislas Hintzy, Managing Director of La French Tech Rennes St Malo. Centred on the emergence of new digital trends, in a thrilling format, distinctly different from all other web conventions in France and elsewhere. This 3rd conference confirms its strong and unique concept, bringing it level with the major international web conferences… so say the international professionals and experts anyway! We are already thinking about the concept for the 4th conference and the themes we would like to cover”.

Quite simply staggered!

So the Digital Tech Conference is earning its stripes as a French digital event and holding its own among its European neighbours. “As a Brit, I was blown away by the energy the French Tech team have put into the local community, the wider tech industry and this conference in particular, confesses Andy Budd, renowned UX designer, consultant in the digital industry and founder of the Brighton Digital Festival. I wish an organisation like this existed in the UK, and would recommend that everybody in the french speaking tech industry attend the next one.” Thanks Andy.

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All the info on the 3 Digital Tech Conferences can be found at: www.ladigital.tech