Coworking in Saint-Malo

Coworking space between the train station and the beach!


Our coworking space located across the street form the Saint-Malo train station opened its doors in early 2019! You will find there a convivial place, ideal for working alone or in small teams, close to the train station and the beach.

Our coworking recipe: 

  • A collaborative space to work (almost) alone with great fellow coworkers such as graphic designers, developers, freelancers, entrepreneurs… A great environment to boost your projects!
  • High speed internet, printer/scanner, strong coffee (or weak if you’re into that kind of things), lunch corner, seagulls’ calls and a friendly welcome 🙂
  • The coworking card also gives you access to our coworking space in Rennes!

Would you like to test our coworking space? We offer a half-day free trial!


100€ / Card for 10 coworking days (or 20 half days)
55€ / Card for 5 coworking days (or 10 half days)

  • high speed wifi
  • Printer/scanner (100 prints per month)
  • Lunch, coffee & relaxation corner


210€/person/month – up to 2 people
170€ – 3 people // 150€ – 4 people* // per month and per person (decreasing prices)

  • high speed wifi
  • Printer/scanner (200 prints per month and per person)
  • Lunch, coffee & relaxation corner
  • Secure locker
  • Permanent place in the Open Space

*from the same legal entity

Our little extras

Tech events: Meet the actors of the innovative ecosystem during the events in Rennes and Saint-Malo. Discover the upcoming events!


Sea, Coworking and Sun: Enjoy the beach after your work day!

Convivial moments: Take part in Breakfasts (1 to 2 times a month) and Co-lunches (1 time per month)

You would like to visit our coworking space ? Or test it during one half-day for free ?
Take an appointment with us ! It’s happening just below…

Le Poool Saint-Malo coworking


Address: Pôle culturel La Grande Passerelle, 1 Rue Théodore Monod 35400 Saint-Malo

Access hours: from 9 am to 6 pm, from Monday to Friday

Reception open: from 9 am to 12.30 pm (until 12pm on Wednesdays)

Telephone: +332 23 52 59 54

Email: coworking [at]