Cloud gaming — the liberating power of Blacknut!

Blacknut, the “Netflix of gaming,” represents a positive, enthusiastic approach to cloud gaming.

A rich, varied catalog of games is just a few clicks away, from blockbusters to independent studio offerings – with the former providing a gateway to new worlds.

For professionals, the opportunities are just as abundant. Blacknut, a celebrated and award-winning start-up within the French Tech ecosystem, offers studios and publishers a low-cost and flexible distribution channel. For service providers, router and TV manufacturers, partnerships with Blacknut are paving the way for high-quality content for their users.

From creation, to fundraising…

… in just a few months! Officially established in January 2016, Blacknut reached its fundraising goal in mid-November. The path in between was dotted with remarkable successes. In March, came the Prix Croissance (Growth Award) at the Start West competition, while in June, the start-up won the Concours d’Innovation Numérique de Bpifrance, a digital innovation contest for both technology and business fields. Blacknut has attended every important event in the world of gaming, including Gamescom Cologne in August, and Paris Games Week.

At the same time, the team built up marketing and technical capacity to manage, guide and boost its already highly dynamic development. The R&D team based in Rennes, Brittany, is set to double its workforce from five to ten employees by early 2017. In Paris, a marketing team of five works principally on game licensing, distributor relations, communications and acquisitions.

Destination export

The Blacknut team is delighted to have France as its runway before take off, as its CEO, Olivier Avaro, explains:   “France is a gaming country and we’re French, so it’s natural for us to be present and active in our own ecosystem. But we’ve had an international mindset since the very beginning, starting in Europe, with the UK, Germany and the Netherlands, then bigger countries like Poland and Spain in 2017 and 2018. The winning combination: a large population and very high bandwidth!” After Europe, Blacknut will begin preparing for launch in the United States and discussions with major service providers.

A new approach to gaming

Gaming is not just for gamers!  With its commitment-free monthly subscription, Blacknut is also targeting the general public, providing access to a rich and varied catalog that will offer around 400 games at launch.  An opportunity to try both blockbuster titles as well as independent releases. In other words, you can discover new gaming worlds risk-free! That’s because Blacknut supports its own vision of video games, far from the usual caricature:   “A video game is first and foremost a game, which uses technology as a platform. We want to highlight the family-oriented dimension and the positive values associated with playing, learning and competing together in a fun context. We’re taking the game back to its roots!”

A high-end range offering the best in video games, and a hint of impertinence to boot?  That’s Blacknut, and it’s yours to discover in 2017!