ArchiReport: tracking a construction site has never been easier.

Local startup ArchiReport tells us more about its solution encouraging digital transformation in the building industry together with its success internationally. Read on!


Digital Transformation in construction

Isn’t digital transformation all about making people’s lives easier? Surely, ArchiReport ’s founders Julien Cotteaux and Morgan Bigot had this in mind when they decided to tackle a problem well-known to the building industry: project management. How often do you hear: “this metro line was achieved right on schedule!”? Probably not very often, causing delays, concerns and draining capital.

To get to grips with this challenge, the French startup thought of an app supervising construction sites – in real time. Running on IPads, ArchiReport follows up worksites and projects, generating automatic brief reports.

Whilst inspecting a site, the user can:

  • take notes, change statuses, update agendas and deadlines;
  • take pictures and draw on them;
  • integrate colored stickers with matching comments;
  • tag the right service provider;
  • release a full PDF brief and send it instantly.

In fact, cofounder Julien assures that “the process saves forty-five minutes up to one hour per brief.” Amazingly simple, the solution already convinced national VCS and European funds to invest in the solution during a fund raising that occurred in 2016.

International success

More than just funds, ArchiReport also seduced more than 1.000 clients, 40% of which are based abroad. Translated in 13 different languages and sold across more than 50 countries around the globe, the solution targets architects, project managers but also a wide range of people within the building trade.

An easy access to the app via Apple Store and the high activity on social media (especially Facebook and LinkedIn) enabled an international outreach. A community of professionals emerged bringing value and worth to the operation. Recently, more and more contracts are signed in Middle East, as Julien explains ‘the country has known a booming building economy for some years now and we’re delighted to be part of it. It brings us cash security while focusing on acquiring new customers’.

Furthermore, they dealt with the internalization of the app mainly working hand in hand with local translators, tailoring the message to every country’s needs.

“A good number of entrepreneurs dread to launch their service abroad. The ideal strategy would be to set up offices in countries holding the best potential; grasping the local demand would be less of a challenge. However, it is rare for an entrepreneur to have the ideal condition straight away! We already managed to have 30% of our revenue from overseas being right here in Rennes, states Julien.

A reassuring fact for entrepreneurs still wondering if they should move to Brittany to enjoy the way of life AND the business opportunities!

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