Accelerators and financial backers — our update


The right place for each accelerator—this is the primary focus of La French Tech Rennes St Malo’s Business Development workgroup. The role of the group, led by Olivier Méril and Luc Avril, is to bring regional stakeholders together to identify and categorize the initiatives available.

As we’ve said before, La French Tech Rennes St Malo’s main mission is to identify and assist the success stories of the future. What’s the best way to get the right information to growing businesses, startups and potential entrepreneurs? We’ll provide an initial answer soon, via a map and directory on our website.

A handy local map…

How can we help all kinds of businesses without knowing what initiatives are available and their specific nature? Not easy. “Our first goal is to visualize what’s available locally,” says Luc Avril. “We’re working on this using our ecosystem, and we’ll develop it further as changes take place. What accelerators are on offer? What financial backing? And an issue of key importance—what assistance with internationalization? All the information collected should be published for public consultation on our website this summer.”

Olivier Méril adds, “By identifying the accelerators and financial backers, we can define different paths. When our offices open, our staff will be able to direct entrepreneurs to the right person according to the needs and status of their plans. We’re lucky to have so many solutions to help businesses. But identifying them all is a major task!”

…to help steer startups

We make life easier for businesses. How? By informing them that La French Tech Rennes St Malo can place them on the path to success and, ultimately, help them access national, European, and international markets. Olivier Méril wants startups to be the living proof, promoting the guidance they received in an area that has a lot to offer. “Tomorrow I hope to hear, ‘That’s where I started my business!’ Existing success stories are paving the way, such as RegionsJob, which has both national and international scope.”

Entrepreneurs will be in good hands for furthering their projects and following the steps—in the right order—needed to develop their startups. Our guidance is effective only when combined with their own motivation and drive. “Directing someone to the right structure doesn’t mean they’ll automatically receive financial backing. This can be frustrating. Business angels prioritize involvement in projects and entrepreneurs they believe in. A lot of work must be done upstream to learn how to present yourself and how to pitch a project to investors.” In other words, the best guarantee of success is proper preparation!