In Person and Pixels: Move4ideas

You might have met the team of Move4ideas during the official inauguration of our totem building… Or in Orlando for Connect 2016, which just came to a close. If you haven’t had the opportunity yet, it’s not too late! Catch-up through a remedial interview with Harriet Bartlett, an international business engineer.

Understanding how to listen is an essential skill when you want to offer users a service that reflects their usage and needs. As it happens, the idea for Audit4mail came about when companies expressed a need to the creators of Move4ideas: “we want our email service to bring us more information about our business”.

So what is Move4ideas?

It is a team of a dozen people whose story began along the edge of a lake in Orlando, Florida, for the 2013 conference Lotusphere (an annual event now called Connect). That is where Jérôme Deniau, Patrice Villemagne, Morgan Clément and Fabien Clément met for the first time.

Today, we offer an Intelligent Messaging service through Audit4mail: we retrieve the email data on the message server (sender, recipient, attachments and so on) and we process it. For their part, users enjoy access to an ergonomic interface where they can find all the information that interests them, in an accessible, analyzed form.

Audit4mail can use the exact same data for very different purposes: an IT provider may use it to monitor the activity of its servers, or a sales representative may use it to chart the internal and external relations of his or her company.

Filters have also been set up to respect the confidentiality of certain kinds of data, which means that, in this case, the message content is not processed.

It’s good to have an idea… But how do you make it a reality?

With the right skills, and especially when it comes to software development. We made use of the continual stream of requests and feedback from our clients to develop Audit4mail, personalizing each interface to adapt it to the needs of each profession.

Can you tell us a bit about your business model?

We offer our clients an annual subscription at a rate that varies according to the number of inboxes.

What is on the 2016 agenda for Move4ideas?

We are working on a number of new modules for Audit4mail. In particular, we are developing a HR module and another one that makes it possible to identify attempts at phishing (fraudulent bank transfer scams).

The team is also improving the dashboards used for sales and managerial administration. We would like to bring Audit4mail into the spotlight in 2016!